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Recent buildings we have provided for the electricity industry are IT Buildings, Control Buildings, Gate Houses, Compressor Buildings, Intake Buildings, Substations, Mechanical Enclosures (MECS), Compressor Rooms and Storage Buildings. We are also being selected to design Control and Inverter buildings for Solar Farms.

​​The pictures below show an  RM Products Ltd Motor Control Center 

RM Products was approached by a large electric power company to design a motor control building to be assembled over a motor situated very close to an existing building. We worked with the customer to design an 18' wide x 99'3" long x 13'3" high building and also provided CAD drawings for approval, manufactured the fiberglass parts, sourced  and supplied all of the hardware, arranged the shipping and
provided a crew to do the installation.

Industries served

Modular Fiberglass Structures for the Power, Hydro and Utilities Industry

  • RM Products buildings are Arc Resistant with High Dielectric strength, Non-Metallic, Non-Corrosive, Non-Combustible options.

  • RM Products non-metallic, non-conductive fiberglass buildings provide a natural safety barrier for  personnel and equipment.

  • RM's enclosures are easy to ship, components only or pre-assembled. 

  • RM's buildings are assembly only - no construction needed.They are portable and can be easily assembled in remote locations.

  • RM's  fiberglass buildings cut high grounding and maintenance costs.

  • RM will design, manufacture and assemble our Modular Fiberglass Buildings/Enclosures to suit the equipment you’ve selected. 

  • RM has technical personnel who can work with the design engineer to provide CAD drawings and engineering and licensed electricians for installation of electrical options.

  • RM's products meet the International Building Code.