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RM's Fiberglass Modular Buildings for Military Uses

RM Products Ltd’s innovative, prefabricated fiberglass structures are available in a wide range of sizes and designs to suit your specific needs.
One of the uses of RM Products fiberglass buildings are for infrastructure at military bases. RM’s buildings have been used for military barracks. The buildings are insulated allowing the buildings to be heated from a main source heating system installed. The tough fiberglass buildings are sustainable
and hold up to all the elements inside and out. 

​The modular fiberglass buildings are portable and can be relocated if necessary.  The modular design also allows for expansion.

Windows, doors, electrical and heating elements can be easily added to the base model​. Assembly is also quicker than conventional construction.

Besides barracks, other uses by the military are guard houses, camps, camp kitchens and buildings at remote locations.

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