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Fiberglass Containment Buildings and Flooring

The protection of our environment is a key issue when storing hazardous materials. Properly containing chemicals is a necessary step for any business in ensuring that products are stored safely.

The chemical resistance of fiberglass is an ideal match for this application. Fiberglass will not rot, rust or corrode in the presence of even the most corrosive chemicals.
RM Products factory assembles all spill containment buildings, making them “ready to use” upon delivery. If the desired location of the spill containment unit changes, the building can be easily relocated by a forklift or tilt-n-load truck. Truly Portable Containment Buildings.

Spill containment buildings may require a grated floor placed on top of the fiberglass pan (pan pictured on right centre) which allows spillage to flow under and remain below the walking space in the enclosure. When required, steel or fiberglass grating can be supplied.

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