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RM Floating Office and Storage Buildings
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RM Buildings Used as Warehouses

RM Products Ltd fiberglass portable buildings, modular structures and prefabricated enclosures have been used for wastewater treatment equipment covers, septage receiving stations, valve houses, chemical storage, analyzer shelters, wellhead shelters, UTILITY buildings, RBC covers, Backflow preventer enclosures, headworks buildings, injection well covers, storage buildings, control rooms, Mechanical enclosures (MECS), Refrigeration mechanical centers, equipment enclosures, Tank enclosures, pump enclosures, micro sheds, fiberglass pump house, fiberglass cabinets, chemical containment, guardhouses, construction offices, screen covers, pumping stations, secondary treatment systems, army barracks, communications buildings, Turnstyle Buildings, fIBERGLASS SHELTERS, antistatic boxes, portable box office, pole vault pit cover/shelters, Generator covers, FIBERGLASS HOUSING, boathouse and many more.